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Campus Prayer Walks

Join us during the school year 

to circle our campus in prayer

and expect God
to do the miraculous.

Day and time TBA.

Pre-Service Prayer

Come a little early to Chi Alpha Live and join us to pray over prayer requests and the monthly service.  Prayer is the best way to prepare our hearts and minds before we gather on Wednesdays and to invite the Holy Spirit to move as we gather as a community. 

Small Groups

Small Groups are where community gets real - they offer a place of fellowship and support in living life and seeking faith.  Get involved and see God work through you and your peers to transform lives!

When you pray...

Jesus didn't leave us a gray area when He taught about prayer - He didn't say
"if you pray..." He said "when you pray..." 

Here at Chi Alpha, we have seen God transforming the campus, the marketplace, and the world through prayer. And we know with certainty that, without prayer, nothing we do will have the eternal impact we are called to make - But with prayer, God does the impossible through us.

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