Spring Break Trips

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Spring Break is such a great opportunity to travel, make memories, and spend time with friends - but what if it could be something more?  What if, instead of a week away from school on a beach, you could spend a week pouring into others, sharing hope, and changing eternity?

That is the potential we see in Spring Break, so we would love to invite you to come with us to serve, live, and love like Jesus this Spring Break - and who knows, you might just come back transformed yourself.


A Word from Our Students

"God did some amazing and personal things for the team that went on the trip.  For me though, it was really just a bunch of small things that made me realize the true impact the LA Dream Center has made on the lives of those living in LA.  I saw God as a provider when he gave the family in need beds and dressers...I saw God share a love that surpassed all understanding each and every single time our team prayed in English for people who don't speak English.  I saw God as a provider of joy when I translated Spanish for teammates when our team shared a moment of laughter with those on Skid Row.  It was the little things with eternal implications.  God cares for the little things."

                Spring Break 2019

Spring Break 2021

Right now, our Spring Break plan for 2021 is in the works.  If you feel particularly led to a specific cause or outreach, let us know!  We would love to join you in prayer and see if it might be where God is leading us to serve this year.

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates!

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