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Summer Missions

Here at Chi Alpha, we believe that every student is called to go.  So, we would like to give you the opportunity to join us in going to serve one of 11 different missionaries across the globe that we personally support at UW Chi Alpha. 

We believe that this not only gives us the opportunity to forge personal connections with the bigger Kingdom picture of God's work across the world, but also to support those God has sent out into the global mission field with our deeds, presence, and encouragement.


Testimonies from Past Trips

"India was absolutely one of those "life changing" trips. It was my first time leaving the country (not on a vacation) where I was really able to experience another part of the world for what it was and not through the lens of just another "tourist". I think that was very crucial in how God wanted to work though us because it become less of a cultural experience and much more focused on what God had in store for us."

             ~ Austin, 
                Mission Trip to India 2018

"Our team spent a week doing children's ministry in Germany and two weeks doing construction work with a church in France... We met Christians from England, Martinique, Gabon, Nigeria, and, of course, France. The international nature of the church and the unity found there struck all three of us at every meal. We each came back with a greater commitment to facilitate biblical hospitality in our own homes, and we have seen the fruit of that in the new school year!"

             ~ Alaenna, 
                Mission Trip to Europe 2019



We are currently in the process of praying about and preparing to select a trip for this upcoming summer. If you feel particularly led to a specific nation or to serve one of our missionaries, let us know!  We would love to join you in prayer and see if it might be where God is leading us to serve in the future.

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates!

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