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March 26-30, 2021


Experience the culture, the challenge, and the call

of serving Christ in Central Eurasia!

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Central Eurasia 


While access to world travel has been temporarily suspended, the Great Commission has not. From our homes we can still be actively involved in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those in unreached places. 

"for “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then are they to call on Him in whom they have not believed? How are they to believe in Him whom they have not heard?"

Romans 10:13-14

This March, join us as we experience a taste of world missions in Central Eurasia and learn from those who are actively serving Jesus in countries where people have almost no access to the Gospel.

Applications Due March 11
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3 Ways to Engage

Spend extravagant 

time with the Lord through prayer, devotionals, Scripture reading 

and memorization, and worship. 


Woman with Bible

Participate in the challenge and culture of Central Eurasia

Participate in comfort, cultural, and ministry challenges that you might experience if you were actually 

visiting Central Eurasia. Your vocabulary, internet usage, clothing, among other things may be limited.


Middle Eastern Food

Participate in the challenge and culture of Central Eurasia

Participate in live video calls with full-time missionaries serving in Central Eurasia. Hear about their unique 

experiences of saying "yes" to living missions, and be prepared to ask questions.



Long Train Ride

 Why is there a cost even  though we aren't physically  going anywhere? 

Great question!

The first reason is that Chi Alpha values giving to missions. The majority of the registration cost will be given to the missionaries who will be investing in you. 

Additionally, you will be receiving a t-shirt, magazine, and other items to fully enrich this missions experience. 

Applications Due March 11

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